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Graham French & Phillip Woolf -
Lands Oceans & Skies

House of Moments Art Lounge  is presenting Moons, Oceans & Skies, a two-person exhibition of the works of Phillip Woolf and Graham French. The show will be on view at House of Moments from April    -    

When Antoine de Saint-Exupery once commented, “The airplane has taught us the straight line” he omitted to say that the open skies, clouds, earth’s landscape that are all around an airplane are all environmental elements that physically unleash incredible forces and energies. Sometimes chaotic, ever changing, the skies, the oceans below, and the earth’s landforms are part of the unfolding deep time of the earth’s history. Moons, Oceans & Skies presents the works of two contemporary artists whose approach to working with the natural world are remarkably similar. These artists’ respective processes in painting and photography are synchronous, so far so that all their works on view are exclusively in black and white.

In Graham French’s own words his Cloudscapes “(…) project the silent power, menace and misleading sense of stillness so often associated with the deep bodies of water that feed them. I was inspired to seek out geographic spaces that marked the threshold of land and sea so that I might explore the interplay that creates these massive, delicate spectacles. I wanted to invite viewers, through my lens, to witness the beauty of these cloudscapes: the peacefulness, the power, the sense of isolation and awareness brought on by an impending storm viewed at a distance. “

Phillip Woolf’s encaustic paintings examine with a deep textural immediacy the moon, the oceans and shorelines of the earth. Earthbound or in the air, the open skies, rugged landscapes and celestial views of Phillip Woolf project the power of nature, and of the scale, depth and dimensionality of this earth with an immediacy that is unforgettable. Juxtaposed together as diptychs, Woolf’s images of the moon, of shorelines, of the seas and of clouds, become expressions of an era of image access. Phillip Woolf’s working the surfaces of his paintings mirrors nature’s own cyclical processes, the theatre of nature that we are a part of.

Our world is at a crossroads… Phillip Woolf and Graham French’s Moons, Oceans & Skies exhibition explores the planet we live on, its vistas and spaces, with a breath taking sense of scale

House of Moments 386 Carlaw Ave Toronto, Ontario M4M 2T4  / Tel.: 416-901-6003